Stärkster Bike-Saisonstart (EN)

Stärkster Bike-Saisonstart (EN)

Strongest start to the bike season in the company’s history. Leading online platform for bikes thanks to focus on the steady e-bike trend. Opening of a new logistics centre in Helsingborg (Sweden) with 5,000 m² of space.

Ausbau der Multi-Channel-Strategie (EN)

Ausbau der Multi-Channel-Strategie (EN)

Expansion of multi-channel strategy. Opening of more fahrrad.de stores in Hamburg and Dortmund. Profitable sales revenues of EUR 373 million.

Entwicklung Signa Sports Group (EN)

Entwicklung Signa Sports Group (EN)

Assistance with the successful development of the SIGNA Sports Group (including with TennisPoint, Outfitter, Stylefile); sales at INTERNETSTORES rise substantially above EUR 300 million; resignation from all offices.

Probikeshop Logo

Übernahme Probikeshop (EN)

Probikeshop is acquired (Southern Europe’s market leader for bikes); a logistics centre is opened in Chaponnay (France); an internationalisation hub is opened in Saint Etienne (France); the company expands to the UK.


Verkauf 90% Unternehmensanteile (EN)

90% of the company is sold to SIGNA Retail (of which around 40% had been held by Rene Marius Köhler); in December 2016, the CEO switched to being Chairman of the Board at INTERNETSTORES and Chairman of the Steering Committee of the SIGNA Sports Group.

Eröffnung Logistikcenter in Helsingborg (EN)

Eröffnung Logistikcenter in Helsingborg (EN)

A logistics centre is opened in Helsingborg (Sweden); TV campaigns are expanded; print magazines are established.


1 Millionen Euro Tagesumsatz (EN)

Daily revenue of more than EUR 1 million is generated for the first time; TV campaign starts; Werksteam is founded; multiple corporate prizes are won.


Übernahme Addnature (EN)

Addnature is acquired (Sweden’s market leader for outdoor products); an internationalisation hub is opened in Stockholm (Sweden); expansion to Denmark, Finland and Spain.

Internetstores 2012

Verkauf EQT (EN)

29% of the company is sold to EQT.
VOTEC (for mountain bikes) is acquired along with Fixie Inc. (for single speed bikes); the company is a finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year.

Campz Logo


CAMPZ (for outdoor products) is established; the company expands to Belgium and the Netherlands; an internationalisation hub is opened in Berlin (Germany).

Übernahme Brügelmann (EN)

Übernahme Brügelmann (EN)

Brügelmann is acquired (Germany’s oldest mail-order bicycle company); Bikeunit (for downhill bikes) is founded; the company expands to France and receives the German Founder Prize; ReCycle (CSR/charity) is established.

Bikester (EN)

Bikester (EN)

Bikester is established, and the process of expanding the company internationally starts (Austria and Switzerland).

European Founders Logo

European Founders Fund (EN)

20% of the company is sold to the European Founders Fund (Samwer brothers).

Sortimentserweiterung (EN)

Sortimentserweiterung (EN)

Its product range is expanded to include accessories & clothing; the shop’s own brand is created; online marketing, customer service & logistics; online shop of the year in 2007.

fahrrad.de Logo

fahrrad.de (EN)

Rene Marius Köhler establishes the online bike shop fahrrad.de at the age of 20.