»It is the set of sails, not the wind
that determines which way we will go.«
Old Chinese saying

The KOEHLER.GROUP’s range of services was expanded to include the area of “Asset Management” and, in July 2020, a stock fund (UCITS), which invests its capital in rapidly growing internet and technology companies worldwide. The long-term expertise and passion for stocks is combined with an in-depth understanding of the relevant companies and their technologies.

KOEHLER Equities

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The fund’s active investment approach combines traditional and proprietary analysis techniques, expanding its evaluation to include the perspective of the experienced digital entrepreneur and internet pioneer Rene Marius Köhler. The selected companies have outstanding business models and strong market positions. The focused portfolio currently consists of 30 positions and has a volume of EUR 38.10 million (as of 5 August 2022). Together with many prominent retail and institutional investors, the KOEHLER GROUP Holding has also been invested in its own fund since its first hour.

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