The KOEHLER GROUP is a single family office based in Stuttgart. The Group is divided into the business areas company holdings, real estate and capital market investments.

In the area company holdings, investments are made in fast growing companies in the sectors consumer internet, fintech and e-commerce. The regional focus is on Europe, the USA and Southeast Asia.

With the real estate section, the KOEHLER GROUP is a portfolio holder of logistic, office and residential properties in southern Germany, mainly in the metropolitan region Stuttgart.

In the asset class equities, investments are made in globally active internet and technology enterprises in the USA and China. In the field of venture capital and private equity, capital is allocated to the funds of leading providers in the USA and Europe.

Founder and owner is the award-winning entrepreneur Rene Marius Köhler, who already started his extraordinary entrepreneurial career 17 years ago with the foundation of the Internetstores Group, the European market leader in bike and outdoor multichannel commerce.

The KOEHLER GROUP has a strong entrepreneurial focus and pursues a long-term, growth-oriented strategy. Exclusively own funds are invested.