“It is far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than to buy a fair company at a wonderful price.”

Warren Buffet

Despite his young age, Rene Marius Köhler has already had the opportunity to gain experience in the private equity industry. In 2008, the Samwer brothers were the first investors in INTERNETSTORES, with the European Founders Fund. After a large number of transactions, Rene Marius Köhler is now Industry Advisor to EQT and a member of the Partners Group’s Entrepreneurs Circle; he also invests in the funds offered by these two providers.

In addition, investments are evaluated through a personal network consisting of Lakestar, CherryVentures and Project A, for example, whose co-founder Dr Florian Heinemann was a long-standing member of the board of INTERNETSTORES.

Founders Fund

The Founders Fund, based in Silicon Valley, was established in 2005 by Peter Thiel. Peter is the co-founder of PayPal and Palantir and was the first external investor in Facebook. His funds have invested in companies like Airbnb, SpaceX, Lyft, and Spotify. The KOEHLER GROUP invested in Founders Fund Growth in 2019, which focuses on rapidly growing technology companies.

DST Global Logo

DST Global is a growth equity firm specialising in late-stage investments in internet companies in the USA and China. The firm was founded in 2009 by star investor Yuri Milner and has invested USD 9.3 billion in 6 funds to date. KOEHLER GROUP invested in DST Global VII in 2019 and in DST Global VIII in 2021, which have a fund sizes of USD 1.5 billion.


EQT is a leading company in the alternative investment sector and has raised close to EUR 50 billion in capital across 27 established funds. EQT Funds manages portfolio companies in Europe, Asia and the USA. To date, Rene Marius Köhler has invested in the EQT 7, EQT Midmarket and EQT Ventures funds.

The Partners Group is one of the largest global managers of private market investments. The company invests in the financing and development of companies and real estate, along with the necessary infrastructure. Its objective is to create added value for the investments through active, long-term and responsible equity stakes. Rene Marius Köhler has invested in the Partners Group Direct Fund.

468 Capital Logo

468 Capital is an early-stage deep tech fund. It was founded by Alexander Kudlich and Ludwig Ensthaler, who previously held senior positions at Rocket Internet, and Florian Leibert, who founded the cloud software company Mesosphere (today: D2iQ) in Silicon Valley. The intention is for the fund to invest primarily in start-ups operating in the segments of machine learning, open source and automation. The KOEHLER.GROUP invested in 468 Capital in 2020.

Bond Logo

Bond Capital is a private equity firm that specialises in growth investments in technology companies. Under the leadership of star Internet analyst Mary Meeker, the Bond team has built up three growth funds with a total volume of USD 2.7 billion since 2010. With Bond, a new fund has now been set up with a volume of USD 1.25 billion. Previously, investments have been made in companies such as Uber, airbnb and Spotify. The KOEHLER GROUP invested in the Bond Capital Fund in 2019 and in BOND II in 2021.

Khosla Ventures Logo

Khosla Ventures is an American venture capital company which was founded in 2004 by Vinod Khosla, the co-founder of Sun Microsystems. The company has assets totalling more than $5 billion under management. The investments are made in many different sectors such as financial services, healthcare, big data and sustainable energy. KOEHLER GROUP invested in Khosla Ventures VII and Opportunity I in 2021.

Cinven Logo

Cinven is an international private equity firm with 40 years of experience. The areas in which Cinven invests range from the healthcare sector to the service sector and industry. Cinven manages the capital of more than 200 investors worldwide. That is more than 130 investments at an amount of USD 37 billion. The KOEHLER GROUP invested in the Cinven 7 fund in 2019 via the private equity platform Moonfare.


Lakestar is a venture capital firm that invests in and supports outstanding digital and technology-based entrepreneurs around the globe, both in the early stages of their businesses and during their growth phase. The KOEHLER GROUP invested in Lakestar Growth I in 2018.


Cherry Ventures is a Berlin-based venture capital fund that invests in promising ideas and teams throughout Europe, at an early a stage as possible. As a platform for the transfer of capital and know-how, Cherry Ventures supports companies and offers founders access to a network of successful start-ups. Rene Marius Köhler invested in Cherry Ventures II in 2016 and in Cherry Ventures III in 2019.


Project A is a Berlin-based early-stage investor and operational venture capital fund focusing on e-commerce & marketplaces, data-based infrastructure solutions and software as a service. The fund helps founders to build up companies that will be able to enjoy sustainable success. Rene Marius Köhler invested in Project A II in 2015 and in Project A III in 2018.

Lerer Hippea Logo

Lerer Hippeau is a venture capital investor based in New York. The company helps the founders of technology companies build up leading companies in their sector by making early stage investments and supporting the team. The fund has been involved in establishing successful companies such as GIPHY, Casper and BuzzFeed. The KOEHLER GROUP invested in the Lerer Hippeau Select Fund III in 2020 via the private equity platform Moonfare.

IVP Logo

Institutional Venture Partners (IVP) is one of the leading late-stage venture capital and growth equity companies based in Silicon Valley. The company manages 7 billion US dollars and has an IRR of 43.1% over 39 years. IVP was founded in 1980 and has already invested in over 400 companies 116 of which have gone public. The KOEHLER GROUP invested in IVP XVII in 2021.

Top private equity investments

GetYourGuide Logo Quadrat

Berlin-based GetYourGuide, the booking platform for travel experiences, was founded in 2009 and is one of the few unicorns to originate from German-speaking countries. The platform offers a variety of selected activities and tours worldwide, with its hand-picked adventures having to meet the highest quality standards.

Opensystems Logo

The US company Open Systems supplies companies with the IT solutions of tomorrow, today: a subtly structured network with infinite growth opportunities, including automation through artificial intelligence and comprehensive protection against cyber risks.

Epidemic Sound Logo

The Swedish company Epidemic Sound creates and produces audio stock material for private users and corporate audio worlds for brands and corporations. Founded by music rights experts in 2009, the company provides catchy, legally secure sound.

Global Data Consultants - GDC Logo

The American company GDC offers smart IT solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), corporate clients, and educational and government institutions alike. The rapidly growing company is a reliable partner for its clients, offering them forward-looking solutions.

infarm Logo

The Berlin-based agtech start-up Infarm takes vertical gardening to a new level. Herbs and vegetables grow in technologically advanced glass cabinets located within the supermarket – so the customer can harvest them right there and then. These smart greenhouses adjust their lighting, nutrient density and temperature to suit the plant’s requirements.

Exit to Oetker

Flaschenpost, the Münster-based delivery service, has been expanding throughout Germany since 2016. The company promises reasonable prices, a large selection of different drinks and delivery within 120 minutes. The fact that it specialises in beverages and offers super-fast delivery makes its product unique.

Watchmaster Logo

Watchmaster, the full-service retail platform, was founded in Berlin in 2015. This online platform sells pre-owned and new luxury watches, and advises customers on them, within Europe. At the company’s own master workshop in Berlin, all the watches up for sale go through an authentication and refurbishing process.

Wolt Logo

The Wolt delivery app was created in Helsinki in 2014. Initially based in the Nordic food market, Wolt quickly started to expand throughout Europe. Wolt helps users to discover small restaurants in their own city, online. Apple gave the app an award for its user-friendliness.

Docly Logo

Docly was founded in 2013 as “Min Doctor”, the first digital healthcare provider in Sweden. If a user falls ill, they can contact a doctor via the app. The consultation takes place with standard questions, plus the option to upload a photo – all without any waiting times and without leaving your house.