Direct investments


Revolut was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in London. The company established as one of the leading fintech startups in Europe within just 4 years. More than 8 million customers already have an account with Revolut and around 20,000 new accounts are created every day. The offer is an alternative to traditional banks and impresses with a digital first approach.

Revolut is currently valued at USD 5,5 billion. Previous investors are companies such as DST, Lakestar, Mastercard and Index Ventures.

The KOEHLER GROUP invested in the company in 2020 and supports it in its further growth and expansion.


Moonfare is a technology platform via which private persons and their advisors gain access to the TOP private equity funds and can invest in them online, in a completely straightforward manner.

In the past, this was reserved for institutional investors and only a few private individuals, due to the minimum investment amounts per fund, usually of several million euros. Due to the more than twice as high average returns compared to the stock market (Global PE Index Top Quartile vs. S & P 500) over the past 10, 15 and also 20 years, there is a huge, largely unsatisfied demand from private investors to invest in the TOP PE funds.

Over 3,000 users are currently active at Moonfare and have already invested more than 250 million euros in these TOP private equity funds via the platform. In addition, the young company has already raised more than 25 million euros of investment capital for its own growth. The KOEHLER GROUP has been a founding investor in Moonfare since 2017.


Gojek is South Asia’s leading provider of on-demand multi-service platforms and digital payment technologies. The company provides, for example, mobility services, such as ride hailing, express logistics and food delivery, and it is also one of the biggest mobile payment providers in South-East Asia. Gojek operates in over 200 cities in Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines.

Gojek is the first decacorn from Indonesia and is one of the fastest growing start-ups in the world. The company is currently valued at USD 10 billion. Companies such as Google, KKR, Warburg Pincus and Tencent have already invested in Gojek.

The KOEHLER GROUP invested in the company in 2019 and is providing it with support to continue to grow.

Boxine / Tonies & Toniebox

Boxine GmbH has been developing and distributing Tonies and the Toniebox since 2016. These are an audio system for children aged between three and ten. The system consists of a player – the Toniebox – and the matching listening figures, known as Tonies. This new kind of audio play makes audio content accessible to children and thus offers them a completely new listening experience.

The company has already won numerous awards, such as the German Founders Award 2019, in the “Newcomers” category. As of summer 2019, more than 1 million Tonieboxes and over 9 million Tonies have been sold.

The KOEHLER GROUP invested in the company in 2019 and is supporting the founders and the lead investor, Armira, in the further development and internationalisation of the company.


The private equity fund 7 GLOBAL CAPITAL invests globally in technology companies. 7 GLOBAL CAPITAL focuses on young and growing tech companies – mainly from the European and US markets. 7 GLOBAL CAPITAL supports innovative ideas and special products coupled with secure corporate structures and financial pulling power. In addition, the fund actively promotes the expansion of US companies in the European market. 7 GLOBAL CAPITAL won the prestigious “Rising Star” award in 2018 for being the best European venture capital fund at the “Private Equity Exchange & Awards” in Paris.

The KOEHLER GROUP has been involved as a “general partner” in 7 GLOBAL CAPITAL through its joint holding SP Global Capital since 2017.

Seven Senders

Seven Senders is developing a B2B solution for sending parcels from online shops. The service enables online shops to deliver cheaper to other European countries. Seven Senders currently sends just under half a million parcels per month and has monthly growth rates of 30 percent. In 2019, an investment of 16 million euros in the company was made for international expansion and growth by existing and new shareholders.

KOEHLER Capital Partners GmbH, together with btov partners, acquired a minority interest in the company in 2017 and supports the founders in further expanding the company.


ProSenio and CommitMed 2019 have joined forces under the brand name ProSenio-24. ProSenio-24 is the leading elderly care and nursing care provider for end customers and nursing care services in Germany.

Prosenio GmbH supplies medical supply stores, hearing aid professionals, opticians, pharmacies and specialist shops for senior citizens as well as for the hearing and visually impaired all over Europe. The end customer online shop Aktivwelt is one of the largest providers of senior products in Germany.

CommitMed GmbH offers aids for home care and related services under the brand Customers are end customers and nursing care services. In 2019, CommitMed GmbH was awarded the German Excellence Award.
The KOEHLER GROUP acquired a stake in Prosenio together with Holger Hengstler in 2016, then became a minority shareholder of the group in 2019 and today supports the company’s development as a member of the advisory board., &

Norrländska Vapenaffären Aktiebolag operates the two online stores & in Sweden and one associated specialist retail store in Sundvall. Hunting, fishing and dog accessories are offered.

The company owners are highly experienced in eCommerce trade (incl. and KOEHLER Capital Partners GmbH acquired a significant minority holding in the company in 2017 and supports the existing team in the further expansion of the business.

Trendcarpet & Hatshop

Cama Gruppen AB operates the two online stores Trendcarpet and Hatshop in Scandinavia, Germany, England, France, Belgium, Holland and Switzerland. The product range comprises a wide range of textiles with an excellent price-performance ratio.

Here too, the company owners are highly experienced in eCommerce trade (incl. and KOEHLER Capital Partners GmbH acquired a significant minority holding in the company in 2016 and supports the existing team in the further expansion of the business.

Investments via private equity funds

Since 2016, the KOEHLER GROUP has been investing in private equity funds of renowned providers. With this equity capital, the KOEHLER GROUP promotes outstanding companies off-market in their growth and development into market-leading, international companies.