Since 2008, Rene Marius Köhler has been investing the proceeds from the sale of INTERNETSTORES into the development of the future KOEHLER GROUP. This included the following transactions:

2008: European Founders Fund (Samwer Brothers)
2012: EQT (Wallenberg family)
2015: Persson family (H&M)
2016: SIGNA (René Benko)

All transferees have achieved a clear double-digit IRR. 


Start of investments into listed technology companies.


Start of acquisition of real estate.


Start of acquisition of company shareholdings and investments in private equity funds.


Founding of the KOEHLER GROUP and opening of the office at Marktplatz in Stuttgart (Germany).

Founding of JetApp (booking platform for private flights in 7 countries) and (lead generator for real estate agents).


Expansion of the corporate structures (Real Estate/MD, Finances/CFO), evaluation of new business areas (hedge funds), Transfer to normal operation.