Investitionen in börsennotierte Technologie-Unternehmen (EN)

The first investments are made in publicly listed technology companies.


Ausbau der Unternehmensstrukturen (EN)

The corporate structure is expanded (Real Estate/CEO, Finance/CFO) and new business segments are evaluated.
Transition to ordinary business operations.


Gründung der KOEHLER GROUP (EN)

The KOEHLER GROUP is established and opens its office on Stuttgart’s Marktplatz (in Germany).

JetApp is founded (platform for booking private flights to 7 countries).

Erwerb von Unternehmensbeteiligungen (EN)

Corporate equity investments and private equity fund investments start to be acquired.

Koehlergroup 2011 Real Estate

Ankauf von Immobilien (EN)

The purchase of real estate begins.

Erweiterung des Immobilienportfolios (EN)

Positive development of corporate equity investments, despite the coronavirus crisis, thanks to a focus on consumer internet/e-commerce as well as bike/outdoor. Acquisition of properties in Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Heilbronn, Deizisau and Tübingen. Equities segment at an “all time high”, launch of technology equity funds KOEHLER Equities on July 15, 2020.

Kontinuierlicher Dealflow (EN)

Continuous deal flow and expansion in all business segments: 2 new corporate equity investments, 5 new venture capital/private equity fund investments, acquisition of multiple residential and commercial properties, very strong performance in the equities segment.