Entwicklung Signa Sports Group (EN)

Assistance with the successful development of the SIGNA Sports Group (including with TennisPoint, Outfitter, Stylefile); sales at INTERNETSTORES rise substantially above EUR 300 million; resignation from all offices.

Probikeshop Logo

Übernahme Probikeshop (EN)

Probikeshop is acquired (Southern Europe’s market leader for bikes); a logistics centre is opened in Chaponnay (France); an internationalisation hub is opened in Saint Etienne (France); the company expands to the UK.

Verkauf 90% Unternehmensanteile (EN)

90% of the company is sold to SIGNA Retail (of which around 40% had been held by Rene Marius Köhler); in December 2016, the CEO switched to being Chairman of the Board at INTERNETSTORES and Chairman of the Steering Committee of the SIGNA Sports Group.

Eröffnung Logistikcenter in Helsingborg (EN)

A logistics centre is opened in Helsingborg (Sweden); TV campaigns are expanded; print magazines are established.

1 Millionen Euro Tagesumsatz (EN)

Daily revenue of more than EUR 1 million is generated for the first time; TV campaign starts; Werksteam is founded; multiple corporate prizes are won.


Übernahme Addnature (EN)

Addnature is acquired (Sweden’s market leader for outdoor products); an internationalisation hub is opened in Stockholm (Sweden); expansion to Denmark, Finland and Spain.

Internetstores 2012

Verkauf EQT (EN)

29% of the company is sold to EQT.
VOTEC (for mountain bikes) is acquired along with Fixie Inc. (for single speed bikes); the company is a finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year.

Campz Logo


CAMPZ (for outdoor products) is established; the company expands to Belgium and the Netherlands; an internationalisation hub is opened in Berlin (Germany).

Übernahme Brügelmann (EN)

Brügelmann is acquired (Germany’s oldest mail-order bicycle company); Bikeunit (for downhill bikes) is founded; the company expands to France and receives the German Founder Prize; ReCycle (CSR/charity) is established.

Bikester (EN)

Bikester is established, and the process of expanding the company internationally starts (Austria and Switzerland).