INTERNETSTORES is Europe’s leading online platform for bikes and outdoor products with over 40 online shops across 14 countries, stores in Germany, Sweden and France, around 800 employees and EUR 373 million in sales in 2019.

Rene Marius Köhler founded the company in 2003 and ran it as CEO until 2016. He sold the majority stake to SIGNA Retail, but still holds a minority stake in the company.

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Logistics centre for Scandinavia

In 2013, INTERNETSTORES acquired addnature, Sweden’s market leader for outdoor products, and continued its expansion by focusing on Finland and Norway. Today, the entire region of Scandinavia is an important market for every bike and outdoor shop in the Group, with a logistics centre also being opened in Helsingborg, Sweden. The aim is to meet the demand of all the Nordic countries in the long run, while continuing to offer top-notch service and even shorter delivery times.

SIGNA Sports United is the leading sports e-commerce & experience platform in continental Europe, with around 80 online shops across 17 countries in the rapidly expanding areas of cycling, tennis, outdoor sports, team sports and athleisure. It currently has more than 194 million website visits, around 2.9 million active customers and over 4 million net orders per year, making SIGNA Sports United the first stop for sports enthusiasts in continental Europe. In the 2018 financial year, the platforms generated profitable sales of EUR 442 million, which corresponds to year-on-year growth of over 20%.

Rene Marius Köhler sold INTERNETSTORES to SIGNA in 2016, and subsequently acquired a stake in the Group in 2017.


Experts in online shopping with extensive retail expertise

The entire team of founders (who built up all of their companies from scratch over many years and ran them with success) remain involved and actively committed to managing the individual companies and SIGNA Sports United as an overarching entity. SIGNA Sports United is proud to build on one of the largest and best teams in the European sports market, and one composed of members with unparalleled entrepreneurial experience and expertise in online retail.